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Natalie Mars Goddess Of Whores DVD

2022-03-03    2 138    02:40:20

Natalie Mars Goddess Of Whores
Proxy Paige
Updated 2022-03-03
Duration 02:40:20
Eden Ivy,
Ivy Maddox,
Proxy Paige,
David S,
Natalie Mars,
Damien Soup,
Mad Bundy,
Michael Fly,
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Pervy pornographer Proxy Paige showcases a beautiful TS fan favorite in 'Natalie Mars Goddess Of Whores.' The striking, ivory-skinned trans star seduces imposing men in a one-on-one scene and in a group sex encounter; she shares a menage-a-trois with two adventurous cisgender girls; and she plays with a transgender man, taking his on-camera virginity! In every scene, Proxy's sexy manner encourages extreme, totally uninhibited fun. Longhaired, dirty-talking Natalie teases the camera in heels, stockings and Holstein-print undies, with cute pink cow's ears. She pulls on her erect 'udders,' and when they spray milk, she tastes it! Proxy pumps a long, thick phallic toy in Natalie's lube-leaking asshole, and the director gives her talent a blowjob. Tattooed, muscular Damien Soup rims Natalie. He spanks her as his big cock delivers a doggie-style anal reaming. Natalie gives ass-to-mouth fellatio, and she lactates on his meat! She displays her gaping anus amid intense buttfucking, and Damien's inked hands pry her rectum wide open! As his cream splatters her chest, the T-girl in the bovine get-up squeezes more milk from her teats! Proxy pairs Natalie with David, a trans man performing in his first XXX scene! He sports a blonde Mohawk, facial piercings and goatee whiskers. When the slim, tattooed dude strips, we see his thick labia, shaved pussy and huge clit! David deals a skilled, passionate BJ, deepthroating Natalie down to her scrotum. He licks balls while swallowing dick! She sucks his twat and tongues his enormous love button, which David calls his 'big clit/little dick.' Natalie chokes him as she fucks his cunt; she rails his rectum; she sits on his face for 69. Natalie reaches orgasmic ecstasy in his mouth. David rubs that prominent clit to a spasming, full-body climax. Natalie and cis-female beauties Ivy Maddox and Eden Ivy flaunt their hot butts in black lingerie. Natalie sniffs cute brunette Eden's ass crack, and the ladies form a rim job daisy chain. They share Proxy's wicked sex toys in a graphic threesome. Blonde Ivy stuffs Eden and Natalie's sphincters with super-fat dildos. As a massive, bulbous toy packs Natalie's colon, Eden and Ivy slurp her she-cock. Eden sucks milk from Natalie's lactating nipples. Donning a strap-on that's thicker than her forearm, Ivy sodomizes Eden and then Natalie. Natalie's gaping butthole makes the phallus disappear! Ivy's dong makes Eden gape hugely; Natalie tongues the open bunghole and fellates the dildo A2M. Natalie and Eden ride Proxy's hugest toys as Ivy kisses and caresses the girls. Heavily hung Damien, Mad Bundy and Michael Fly take Natalie in a foursome! She inhales their jumbo boners one-by-one, stroking the others in each hand; she licks balls and deepthroats amid spit-soaked face fucking. Damien's prick and Michael's meat simultaneously stuff Natalie's rectum in a double-anal reaming! The studs trade off, aggressively cramming her throat and anus. Natalie devours cocks A2M amid intense, DAP stuffing. Natalie's she-meat bounces through skin-slamming sodomy in numerous positions, and she shows her gaping talent. The dudes press their penis heads against her lips, and the horny trans girl dick-slaps her own face. The climax is three messy cum facials -- Natalie snorts and swallows semen!

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